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Snack Hypnotist

Has lockdown had you reaching for the snack cupboard?

Well you’re not alone - more than half of us have been snacking more in lockdown!

We’re all guilty of it – when you’re at home, with the fridge and kitchen cupboards just a few feet away, it’s very tempting to keep paying them a visit. Over the past couple of months, many people have been at home a lot more, consequently giving us all easy access to the cupboards and the snack food within.

Our lifestyles have changed significantly recently, but one area we really wanted to investigate was how diet and exercise has changed since lockdown began. With this in mind we surveyed more than 2,000 members of the public to find out how their eating and exercise habits have evolved since March 2020.

Of the people we surveyed we found that the majority of them had gained at least a few pounds, with the average Brit gaining 5lbs since the beginning of lockdown.


Rise in drinking

The UK’s lockdown drinking habits & favourite Quarantinis revealed

As the UK’s lockdown restrictions begin to ease, we wanted to find out how the isolation period has impacted your drinking habits, and whether the closure of bars and clubs has increased or decreased alcohol consumption at all.

So, we asked 3,000 of you just that - how has the Covid-19 lockdown affected your drinking habits?

The results of our research are quite shocking, revealing that over half (54%) of British adults are drinking more during lockdown, a third (34%) are drinking the ‘same’ as before and just one in ten (12%) are drinking less in isolation.


Virtual Chef Service Launch

Learn from the best! Hire a virtual chef to teach you how to get the most out of your food.

With the hospitality industry at a standstill, and the majority of people confined to their homes, a lot of Brits are finding themselves at a loss for what they can cook 7 nights a week, after all there’s only so many pasta bakes you can make aren't there?

That might be why three fifths (59%) of Brits have stated they have been eating a ‘poor’ diet since the lockdown was implemented, with the vast majority (78%) consuming more alcohol as well.

So, if you’re someone who is out of inspiration...


Brits list skydiving & going out for dinner as activities they can’t wait to do once lockdown is lifted

With the entirety of the UK currently in lockdown, many of us will be thinking about what we'll do once the government relaxes current social-distancing measures. Some might be planning on finally completing that challenge they'd always dreamt about, and others might run to their favourite pub, but as a health and wellbeing brand that services the nation, we wanted to find out exactly what Brits will do once the pandemic is over.

We asked 3,000 members of the British public what general and more ‘extreme’ activities they will do once the measures are lifted, and found that going out to dinner topped the list as the most popular post-pandemic activity, followed closely by having sex and going on holiday - something we’re sure a lot of people are missing!

The top ten general activities Brits want to do post-pandemic are:


Discounts for NHS and front-line staff around the UK during coronavirus pandemic

While many of us in the UK are currently working from home, NHS and front-line workers are doing an amazing job, working extra hours and selflessly putting the health and wellbeing of others before themselves.

With these long and stressful shifts, it is easy to neglect personal health and a balanced diet, which can lead to tiredness and fatigue. It is essential to keep the body supplied with the vitamins and minerals it needs in order to function properly and stay healthy in these trying times.

In light of the current situation, we will now be offering 30% off one-off purchases and 40% off subscriptions to all NHS and front-line workers in the UK. It’s our small way of showing our appreciation to the incredible service that these hard-working individuals are doing.

We have also rounded up the current discounts being generously offered by businesses around the UK for NHS workers as well as any ways of showing support: