Snack Hypnotist

Has lockdown had you reaching for the snack cupboard?

Well you’re not alone - more than half of us have been snacking more in lockdown!

We’re all guilty of it – when you’re at home, with the fridge and kitchen cupboards just a few feet away, it’s very tempting to keep paying them a visit. Over the past couple of months, many people have been at home a lot more, consequently giving us all easy access to the cupboards and the snack food within.
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Our lifestyles have changed significantly recently, but one area we really wanted to investigate was how diet and exercise has changed since lockdown began. With this in mind we surveyed more than 2,000 members of the public to find out how their eating and exercise habits have evolved since March 2020.

Of the people we surveyed we found that the majority of them had gained at least a few pounds, with the average Brit gaining 5lbs since the beginning of lockdown.

When asked about the suspected reasons behind this weight gain, over half of respondents (53%) put the cause down to an increase in snacking on calorific foods/drinks, followed by the second most popular culprit – a reduction in exercise (31%). Nine percent of respondents put their weight gain down to reduced social pressure since lockdown began.

Over two thirds of people who had gained weight also expressed a desire to lose it, but it was one comment in particular that gave us the inspiration to launch a new service. A respondent simply stated that they wished they could be hypnotised, as they couldn’t see any other way of giving up their love of snacking. We decided to take this request literally and have teamed up with Hypnotherapist, Steven Richardson, who has experience in helping people overcome addictions to make positive changes in their lives.

Snack hypnotherapy sessions will soon be available through our site and will take place over a video conference call, typically lasting one hour. Sessions will be available from £75/hour and the number of sessions required will vary on a case by case basis, and can be discussed with the hypnotherapist prior to the session. Prices can also vary according to individual circumstances and concessionary rates are available subject to availability. Only people aged 18 and above are permitted to register their interest.

To register your interest for a snack hypnotherapy session please fill in the below form:
During the session, the hypnotherapist will guide participants into a deep state of relaxation where they will endeavour to tap into their subconscious and suggest positive changes to reinforced behaviours and impulses associated with over-indulgent snacking.

Comparatively, a fifth (22%) of respondents said that they have lost weight during the lockdown period, with almost half (48%) of those members of the public stating they are more active now.
Post image’s founders said,

“It wasn’t really that much of a surprise when we found out that the majority of people had gained a few pounds during lockdown. One of the knock on effects of lockdown for many people is reduced physical activity and being just a few steps away from a comforting treat.“

“When we saw that one customer joked about hypnotherapy, we thought: why not? It’s an effective treatment for smoking and other addictions, and while snacking can hardly be classified as an addiction, if someone is struggling to control the impulse to snack, hypnotherapy could help them manage it better!“